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Proposed Rule 46 Hearing: Thursday July 23rd at 8:30am

Posted almost 4 years ago by Heather Trudeau

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Dear colleagues,

As previously mentioned, ARAPA has written a letter of opposition to the Arkansas State Medical Board (ASMB) regarding proposed Rule 46 (Minor Aesthetic/Cosmetic Surgical Procedures Guideline). This was originally set to be voted on during the June 4th ASMB meeting, but was postponed until July 23rd.  
Our main concern with this proposed rule is that it would represent a regression in scope of practice for Arkansas PAs. It states "The physician must personally diagnose and document the condition of the patient, prescribe the treatment and procedure to be performed and is responsible for the acts of the employee performing the delegated minor aesthetic/cosmetic surgical procedure." 

Please read the attached letter and supporting documentation that was sent to ASMB detailing why ARAPA is opposed to passing this rule.  A huge "thanks" to our regional representative at AAPA who helped to edit and add insight, as well as the Arkansas PAs that brought this matter to our attention. 
I encourage you to watch the proceedings tomorrow. A viewing link will be posted on the ASMB website before the hearing starts. You can find additional information here
ARAPA is committed to furthering the PA profession in Arkansas. We are stronger together! Please keep your membership up-to-date, and feel free to reach out if you are interested in volunteering. 


Heather Trudeau, PA-C
President, Arkansas Academy of PAs


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