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Congratulations to New ARAPA Board Members

Posted over 4 years ago by Christopher Davis

On behalf of Arkansas Academy of Physician Assistants, I am proud to announce our newest board members and newly elected positions.  There were more PAs running for office this year than ever before and I know that all persons running would be an asset to continue serving with our organization.  We look forward to the momentum that began in 2019 and the leadership that will continue to lead us in 2020.

Past President:  Tara Bruner

President 2020:  Heather Trudeau

President 2021: Christopher Davis

Vice President :  Sara Vann

Treasurer:  Ryan Crowder

Secretary:  Ashley McCrary

Director of Large Central:  Gary Hill

Director of Large Southeast:  Emily McKinney

Director of Large Northwest:  Nathan Warren

Director of Large Northeast:  Meredith Brewere

Director of Large Southwest: Keli Thomason