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2019 ARAPA Board of Directors

Posted over 5 years ago by Christopher Davis

Congratulations to our 2019 Board of Directors

President:                   Tara Bruner

Past-President:         Christopher Davis

Vice President:          Lindsey Wilson

Treasurer:                  Ryan Crowder

Secretary:                  Mendy McClelland

DOL:                            Meredith Brewer (newly elected), Keli Thomason (newly elected), Gary Hill,

                                      Kristen Martinez, Amber Teigan

CME Chair:                 Lindsey Wilson

2019 HOD representatives:   Will Williams, Gary Hill

UAMS Student Rep:  Olivia Dalton, 2020 Rep (Rachel Griffin)

HU Student Rep:        Jonathan Dickson

Legal Advisement:  Stephen McClelland, JD