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Nominations Now Accepted for ARAPA

Posted over 5 years ago by Christopher Davis

As President of Arkansas Academy of Physician Assistants, I am writing you to seek nominations of candidates for our 2019 organizational year.  As you already know, serving as a physician assistant in Arkansas comes with many challenges, one of which is awareness of the profession.   Member engagement is critical to the success of ARAPA as well as the future of the PA profession.  We were encouraged recently at the annual conference as we discussed small strides within the state as well as future endeavors we hope to pursue.  Please consider if you may want to serve this year on the board of ARAPA or if already serving, if you know of a colleague who may fit a significant role within our organization.

I ask that you would submit all nominations by next Wednesday, November 20th so that we may have an election soon after.  Position openings for this year include the following:

President (2019, 1 year term)

President Elect (2020, 1 year term)

Vice President (2019, 1 year term)

Treasurer (2019-2020, 2 year term)

Director of Large Positions (2 positions, 2 year term)

Membership Chair (1 year term)

Communication Chair (1 year term)

HOD Nominees for 2019 (currently nominated Gary Hill, Edward Williams)

This year there will also be a vacancy for the PA subcommittee of ASMB.

If you have interest in any of these positions, please submit your name, email and reason why you believe you would be a good fit for position designated.  If you will be nominating someone other than yourself, please make sure that you have contacted that person previous to submitting his/her name.  

All submissions to by Tuesday morning 8am on November 20, 2018. 

Thank you again for allowing me to serve you over this past year and on behalf of our board, we thank you for your membership and service over this past year.

Christopher Davis, President ARAPA 2018