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PA Day at the Capitol 2023

Posted 10 months ago by Aaron Woodall

ARAPA is excited to announce the return of our statewide PA Day at the Capitol on October 6! Our last PA Day was in 2019 so this will be our first event since COVID.

Hosting a day at the state capitol is a great way to celebrate the PAs in Arkansas and to advocate for the profession. We will convene as an organization, host meetings with elected representatives, and hope to have a photo opportunity with the Governor. ARAPA hopes to organize meetings with PAs and PA students with their representative from their own districts. This is an important way to educate our officials on the impact PAs have in our healthcare system and some of the challenges our profession is facing. Legislators enjoy and respond best to meeting with their constituents. If you've never met with an elected official, don't let that intimidate you! Our national branch AAPA is supporting this event and has provided several resources that will be available. ARAPA will provide guidance and help along the way and will have experienced board members present in meetings when needed. 

Practicing PAs, PA students and faculty, and PA supporters are welcome to attend this event. If you are interested in joining to continue advocating for our profession with state leaders, complete this form.

If you have any questions or are interested in helping organize this event, please contact Legislative Co-Chair Aaron Woodall at If you are interested in serving ARAPA in other capacities such as helping plan our upcoming Spring CME Conference, contact


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