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ARAPA Legislative Announcement Senate Bill 152

Posted over 3 years ago by Tara Bruner in Legislative

On behalf of the ARAPA Legislative Committee,

I am pleased to announce we have a PA Scope of Practice Bill that was introduced into the Arkansas Legislation TODAY! Senate Bill 152 is sponsored by Senator Kim Hammer and Representative Joy Springer. 

This bill must now pass through committees, senate and house and then go before legislature for approval and during these steps there is a chance we may need to revise; however, we chose to go big and ask what we need to improve PA practice in Arkansas and have parity with other healthcare providers. 

Our asks in this bill are:

Having a PA advocate on full Medical Board 

Ability to prescribe schedule II medication for acute need (scheduled II opioids for 5 days, and refill of amphetamines)

Ability to practice in disaster and emergency care situations

Ability to call time-of-death

Modernize and update antiquated PA language

This comes after many hours of meetings, drafts, conversations with Arkansas Medical Board, Arkansas Medical Society, Lobbyist meetings, calls, etc. All with the appreciated guidance from AAPA. This process if far from over but a huge step in the right direction for the PAs of Arkansas.

Please contact Tara Bruner ARAPA Legislative Chair with any questions 

You can find the bill and status Here 


Matthew Miller, PA-C over 3 years ago

This is great! What about direct reimbursement for Arkansas Medicaid patients? I didn’t get a job because PA’s apparently cannot be directly reimbursed for Medicaid patients. I’d love some follow up on this. Thanks!!

Carol Trana over 3 years ago

I have the same question as Matthew Miller. My current position is affected by Medicaid reimbursement.

Julie Slavik over 3 years ago

So glad to hear. Is there anything we can do to help push this along?

Heather Trudeau over 3 years ago

Matthew and Carol--approval for PA reimbursement under Arkansas Medicaid goes through another process outside of our state practice act. Getting rendering provider status (which allows the PA to be recognized and reimbursed for seeing the patient) is a priority for ARAPA, however we've had more difficulty trying to schedule meetings due to Covid restrictions etc. Please email Tara ( your stories of job difficulties resulting from lack of rendering provider status so we can compile these as evidence when we are able to get the meeting set up. At this time, Arkansas Medicaid allows PAs to see Medicaid patients, but the encounter must be billed under the supervising physician. Reimbursement is 100% using this mechanism (this worked for me successfully in my previous clinic).

Matthew Miller, PA-C over 3 years ago

Heather, thanks so much for your response!! I’ll send an email to Tara.

Tara Bruner over 3 years ago

Yes, feel free to send me issues. I am in dialogue with AR Medicaid. We also have the ear of the legislators now too, some are involved with Medicaid. We are working diligently. We had good conversations prior to COVID, but the Medicaid office is now tending to this again. Please stay posted as we concurrently work on regulations as well as statute.

Tara Bruner over 3 years ago

Also thank you Julie, as this information passes through committees etc, we have a strategy to contact legislators, those in leadership of those committees as well as who their consitutents are, I compare that to licensed PAs zipcodes and contact individually, along with a script, what is needed.
As it passes into votes of the house/senate etc, we may have a large ask for each to contact their senator/representative... STAY TUNED.

Rebecca Foster over 3 years ago

I am allowed to see MCD with my supervising MD physically in the facility. However, I have never been able to obtain ability to script medications for MCD patients. As a clinic, we have worked around these issues. It is inconvenient for myself and my supervising MD as this limits my scope of practice. I am glad to see that ARAPA is working on this issue.

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