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Posted almost 4 years ago


To continue from the excitement of PA week last week, we have dedicated the month of October to building our membership. We are running specials during October for our existing members, and to welcome those PAs that have not been members yet. We are a member-based and volunteer-driven organization. As a group we can acheive more together. This is more important than ever with the recent hire of a lobbyist and the legislative agenda we are building to improve PA practice in Arkansas. 

To our existing members--thank you! We can all agree that 2020 has been a doozy. Therefore, we are doing a "2020 special" where we'd like to offer you 20.20% off membership renewal. Even if you are not quite due to renew, you can renew now and the 12 months will be added to your account. Use the code "20.20Renewal". Do you have PA friends that are not yet members? Have them send us a message through our website and we will give them a code for 50% off their first year of membership. Both of these specials are only good for the month of October. 

Once again, thank you. Stay safe! And hopefully, I will see you at our upcoming virtual CME conference

Heather Trudeau, PA-C

President, Arkansas Academy of PAs

PS--did you miss the news about our lobbyist? Read about it here!


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