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Call for nominations for ARAPA Board of Directors

Posted over 3 years ago

Vice-President Update, October 6, 2020:

As the leaves are changing and there is a chill in the air every morning, it can only mean fall is coming to Arkansas.  Although everything feels so different this year, the start of fall also brings some familiarity:  PA Week (Oct 6-Oct 12).  ARAPA has a lot in store to celebrate PA week, including membership specials and a couple of prize drawings.  Check ARAPA's social media pages daily so you don't miss out! Hopefully you already have plans on how you and your facility will be celebrating PA Week, but if not, please visit the AAPA website  for some great ideas. 

PA Week is also a good time to think about our profession and the many strides that both ARAPA and AAPA have made over the past year, one of these accomplishments that affects all of us, includes the passing of Rule 24, which allows for the delegation agreement to be set at the practice level.  This, and many of the other accomplishments could not happen without the dedication and hard work of many volunteers.   

If you have ever considered becoming more involved, sharing your talents and advocating for our profession, now is a great time to do so!  We are accepting nominations, during the month of October, for the open positions within ARAPA Board of Directors.  Elections will take place during the first week of November. 

The Board of Director positions that are open include:

  • President-Elect
  • Vice- President
  • Treasurer
  • Director at Large: Northeast
  • Director at Large: Southwest

Please consider submitting a nomination, or nominating a fellow Arkansas PA-C, to become part of the ARAPA Board of Directors and Leadership Team.  Officers need to be fellow members of both ARAPA and AAPA, in good standing, and remain so, for the duration of their term.  Descriptions and term of each position can be found in the ARAPA Bylaws.

Please submit your nomination online before 5pm on October 25th, 2020. Voting will occur electronically between November 2nd and 6th, with the winners being announced during the Board of Directors meeting at the ARPA fall virtual conference on November 7th.


Sara E. Vann PA-C

Vice- President, ARAPA


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