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Physician Assistant

Springhill, LA


Hiring Company

Hulin Health

Positions Available

Full Time

Position Description

SouthStar Urgent Care, Powered by Hulin Health Care Services is pleased to announce our newest location opening in Springhill, LA!

Hulin Health has a growing network of urgent care clinics throughout Louisiana. Our rapid growth is a result of our unmatched customer service, genuine compassion towards every single customer, and our high performing team members.

Hulin Health is a leading provider of Urgent Care services in Louisiana. Known as one of the most dependable urgent care clinic networks around, Founder and CEO, Clayt Hulin, and team at Hulin Health are changing the way health care is delivered. Founded in 2011, our clinic network is steadily growing as a result of our compassionate and confident approach to providing care. Our clinics offer non-critical, but urgent medical care to patients as an alternative to long waits in the emergency room or when they cannot reach their primary physician after office hours or on weekends. Available clinic services range from treating allergies to onsite X-rays, Flu symptoms to Stitches, or simply a general sports physical for school. Clinics are open seven days a week and welcome all ages for treatment.

We are in search of an experienced Physician's Assistant (PA-C) however, new graduate school graduates are welcomed to apply. We will train the right person! The ideal candidate has ER experience, high energy, flexible, passionate about patient care and most of all has a positive attitude!

A Message From the CEO

Dear Applicant,

We place a premium on Organizational Culture. Therefore, the right candidate must first be a great fit for the existing team.

The right candidate needs to understand, and have a value system that is aligned with the company’s mission statement, core values, and operating principles listed below. This “Code of Morals and Values” has provided the foundation and guidance for the Company’s success to-date. It is mandatory that each team member know and live these guiding principles listed below.

While education, ability, intelligence, and experience are valuable characteristics… Ultimately, in and of themselves, they are not enough to ensure success.

Daily living of our “Code of Morals and Values”, however, will practically guarantee long term success on our team.

Think of the list of bulleted items on the first page of this document as a summary of “what” we are looking for, and the “Company Constitution” shown below is “who” we are looking for. Thank you for considering a career with us.

CEO / Founder

Hulin Health

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide a unique experience to both patients and team members. The Golden Rule is at the center of everything we do. The delivery of customer service oriented health care to every single one of our patients and customers is our most basic reason for being. We recognize that the core ingredient for achieving this goal is to provide a great environment in which team members can realize their full potential and flourish. Not only as employees, But as human beings…

Core Values

  • Humility. “Stay Humble”
  • Accountability. “I am responsible”
  • Integrity. Honesty, “I can be trusted”
  • Loyalty and Commitment.
  • The Golden Rule. Treat others as you want to be treated.

Operating Principles

  • Disagree and Commit. This concept means that it is your job to DISAGREE with something if you see a problem. I expect that disagreement. However, once all opinions are aired out, and a decision is made, then it is time for everyone to COMMIT to the decision as if it were their own and support it as one. This is even more important in the setting of an Executive Suite, where each person in the discussion has his/her own respectable lists of expertise and credentials. This makes the disagreements more subtle, but lingering lack of support, even from a single team member, can undermine the mission of the team. That commitment to decisions, even if they are against what you believe, is at the core of our success.
  • Drive and Embrace Change. Imagine a world with no change. For every great advance in the history of humanity, by definition, something had to change. Do we want to be better tomorrow than we are today? If yes, change has to happen! “The only person you should be better than is the person you were yesterday. We want to foster this attitude of driving and embracing change always. The expectation is that you not only accept the changes that come our way, but that you actually seek out changes that make us better in some way. We are never satisfied with everything being “good ‘nuff”.
  • Cross-train. Everyone should know how to do as much as possible. While this may not mean that you are delivering patient care on your own, the expectation of all team members is that they learn, to the best of their ability, what and how each person does their job. This minimizes the risk of things “slipping through the cracks” as changes occur, and from the operating principle above, you know they will.
  • Catch someone doing something right. What do most bosses and people tend to do? They catch people doing something wrong. There is a time and place for this, but it should be the exception. Giving other team members the confidence to take risks and make decisions, considerably improves the function of the team. If the team knows that taking a risk or making a decision can reward them with a “High Five” they are much more likely to do it.
  • Shoot fear in the face. We don’t make decisions out of fear. What is the biggest thing that stops us as people and organizations from achieving what we want in life? - Fear. That fear of failure, fear of being wrong, or fear of the unknown is usually tied to unrealistic expected consequences. We can’t be afraid of what is in our head. We must be able to “take a leap” in the real world.
  • Under promise and over-deliver- always!Our happiness, and the happiness of our customers is tied directly to their expectations. The better we manage those expectations, and are conservative about what we can offer, the more likely we are to blow them away and “wow” them with our ability to deliver.

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Employers use My PA Network daily to search for the perfect candidate. Get listed so they can discover you.

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